My Vision of Leadership


Figure 1: Disney’s thoughts on leadership (Quotesgram 2016)

Personal Vision of Leadership

Many would have different point of views on leadership and based on my notion on leadership, a leader is a person whom possesses the ability to lead by examples and had the character to perform actions when it is not in the trend. A good leader is someone who can positively influenced people, turning them to become a better person and a role model for someone else to follow with. Some leaders we know or knew had their leadership capabilities when they are born, while some took some time to develop and shaped themselves to be successful leaders they are known today (Yakowicz 2014). Hence therefore, leadership skills do exist in many of us, it is a matter whether you want to utilize it or not.

The leadership development model by Steward Leadership is one of the platforms where I gained my insights on how to be a proper leader for the future.


Figure 2: Leadership Development Model (Steward Leadership 2016)

Referring to the model each and every leader should develop every cycle starting from Creating Purposes, Deliver Excellence, develop self and others and last lead to change. This model is very straight forward and it helps to provide insights to future leaders on how to develop proper leadership capabilities.

However this model is not a model where a person can develop within a day or a week. This practice required efforts and may take up to months or maybe even years to develop into a proper leader with developed leadership capabilities (Fisher 2013).

Who inspired me?


Figure 3: The late Martin Luther King, Jr. (Anon. 2015)

Throughout my life, many leaders have inspired me the leader whom inspired me most would be the late Martin Luther King, Jr. As a civil rights activist, he revolutionized all the people of the United States back in the early 1950s with a powerful speech where he dreamt of a world where everyone was treated alike regardless of their social background or race (Oestreicher 2016). His actions and speech has brought an end to racial discrimination bringing fairness, love and freedom to every human being on Earth. As many would say, his courage and determination is astounding which made him  one of the most recognized leaders he was till today, period.

Feedback from Clique and Skills Developed

Talking about feedback from clique, there a skill or two, that was advised to develop in the future. Firstly, there are numerous of skills in order to be an effective leader in today’s society. One of the many skills would be communication as it is one of the best possible medium to direct your ideas and leading your followers towards the goal envisioned (Benna 2015). The ability to communicate in the current world may not be an easy task as there would be barriers such as language or accents. Needless to say, a good communication skill is still one of the most effective ways to be an effective leader (Myatt 2012).

The next skill would be humility and as many would have known, the power of being a leader is strongly tempting because they have the authority to control on their followers. Being humble is a key point to be an effective leader and humility is often linked to generosity as studies shown (Szalavitz 2012). The need of being humble and generous as a leader is strongly related one of the leadership styles mentioned in Blog 3, Situational Leadership where leaders provide opportunities to their followers to gain relevant experiences in their work place. These leaders are often leaders that “are seeing more potential in people than they see in themselves” as mentioned by Gregoire (Gregoire 2014).

What Leadership would you like to Develop and How?

Throughout my MBA course, there is a skill or two I would like to develop not only for my current course but for the coming future prospects as well. One of them would be time management. Time management may sound easy but with heaps of works and death line looming around the corner, it is a real difficult to handle. The ability to organize one’s time effectively and meet deadlines under pressure is something every leader should adhere. The uses of models and theories are not applicable but a person’s determination in planning and organizing (Mathews, Debolt and Percival 2016) is how a person can learn to develop time management skill.


In conclusion, the module “Leading in the Changing World” had brought me fresh perspectives of how to be a successful leader and with the blogs I have written previously, I came to know that there are many things a leader should adhere and develop to be successful. Needless to say, nothing is perfect in this world and if the style of leadership I practiced is not favorable in the eyes of others, I will learn to be democratic and clarify what is the problem with my way of leading.

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